About Me

I’m a travel agent, editor, writer, educator, and mom!

Born in rural Illinois, I started my career teaching high school and progressed to teaching college online when my trio was born.  As an assistant professor of political science for a major online university, I made the decision to pursue my Ph.D. in 2014.  That same year, I also opened my own small business selling travel.  TravelMomPhD 🙂

I’m the proud mom of three precocious junior high students – Bo (14) and Clara and Anna (12 – yes, twins). I’ve been married to the love of my life for 18 years.  We share our home with our three cats, Ike, Kiki, and Pudge, and our French Bulldog, Chip. While it isn’t perfect, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I’m as eclectic as they come – in my interests, friends, and my life.  I love desserts, reading, my family, traveling, and my Peloton.  Travel is my passion and my career has allowed us to travel all over the world with our trio.  Some of our favorite destinations include Aulani, Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort, all types of cruises, Cape Town, Paris, Rome, and Garmish Partenkirchen!

When I’m not Ubering my trio to their various activities, I’m writing and editing for several education-based websites and planning vacations with lasting family memories for my clients – all from my home office. I never could have imagined that my years of education would take me down this career path, but I’m thankful each day for the experiences and the flexibility that my career provides.

I hope you’ll follow along on our travel adventures and allow me to help you make lasting vacation memories with your family!