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Game Night!

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Our family has been trying to entertain ourselves in a variety of ways during our “new normal.” We’ve been playing a lot of games as a family and even had a semi-regular Zoom game night with a group of friends.  Puzzles are always a bit hit around here too — at least until our cat, Pudgey, chews on the pieces!

Here are a few of the games we’ve been enjoying:

Scattegories Categories

This game has been perfect for adult game night (with cocktails!). Our kids have been able to play a few times with friends too – but I pulled out specific categories to make it a bit easier for them. If you haven’t tried a Zoom game night yet, I highly recommend it!

Sushi Go!

This has been our family’s COVID-19 game of choice. It’s easy to learn, fun, and doesn’t take hours to play a few rounds. This will be a great one to travel with in the future as it is small and portable!

Ticket to Ride

This game comes in multiple different versions and is one of our favorites. It’s easy to learn and requires some strategy.


Uno is one of our constant stand-bys. We always travel with this game as it is so easy and my trio has been able to play since they were tiny.

Pass the Pigs

We have an old school version of this game that is fun and easy to play. This is another game that is highly portable.

What are some of the games your family has been enjoying during your extra time at home?

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