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The Travel Tidbits Podcast

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Starting a podcast has both been a lot more work and a lot more fun than I anticipated!

We’ve recorded through episode 12 and we have a new episode that airs each Monday.  This type of content creation takes a lot of time – writing the script, planning when we will record, developing the graphics — it’s a big undertaking.

And I still hate listening to the sound of my own voice… so there’s that.  My new car automatically loads new podcast episodes, so when we piled in the car on Monday morning to drop the trio at school, The Travel Tidbits Podcast was at the top of the list and Bo wanted to listen…

I’m not sure I should let the trio critic as Anna replied that I was “too stiff” and Bo said “you sound like you have no soul” — when I was offended, he clarified that I just sound “very monotone” — awesome. I guess I need to work on adding more inflection to my voice.  Or maybe they are just too used to my mom voice… 😉 Hopefully, as we continue recording, we will all be more comfortable!

The best part about recording the podcast (so far!) is the connection time that it is providing with my agents.  I consider all of my agents friends and it is so nice to have the podcast as another opportunity to chat with them.  It’s been fun to talk about one of my very favorite things – travel – with others who also love travel just as much as I do!

If you haven’t listened yet, I’d love for you to!  Let us know what you’d like to hear discussed.  And I’m open to constructive criticism — even if it is that I sound like I don’t have a soul. 😉  You can find all of our episodes on our webpage – and the episodes are also on all of the major podcasting providers – Apple Music, Spotify, etc. plus YouTube!