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Would you be a great travel agent? I’m hiring!

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Do you love to travel?  Do you have excellent customer service skills?  Are you looking for a way to make some extra money?  Would you love for your family to be able to travel more?  Are you self-motivated? Would you be described as determined and passionate about helping others?  Do you have the time management skills necessary to balance all of your current pursuits with running your own small business? If so, I think you might be interested in joining my team and becoming a subagent for Jamie Weitl Travel!

Honestly, when I decided to be a travel agent, I had no idea what I was getting into…  I had just started my Ph.D. and I was teaching full-time (yes, I’m still doing both…).  I liked the idea of being able to travel more and helping others plan their vacations, but I never truly anticipated that it would become a business!  It has become my second full-time job — and I love it!  I love helping others!  I love seeing pictures of families and couples enjoying their amazing vacations that I have helped plan!  I love being able to provide more for my family and have more opportunities for the five of us to travel!  I love researching and learning about new destinations and being able to visit my favorite places (Walt Disney World!) yearly, thanks to the travel business.

In January 2018, I knew it was time to start hiring subagents! I have hired 4 subagents and I am looking to hire a few more before the end of June! I am currently accepting inquiries and resumes from individuals who meet the following criteria:

1. College degree 
2. Excellent communication and customer service skills
3. Extensive travel background and knowledge
4. High-level organization and time-management skills

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How many hours per week? What is the time commitment?

A: Each subagent will set their own hours, but customer service is important and responding to clients as quickly as possible is critical. You can work as much or as little as you would like as you earn commission on your bookings, so your earning potential is unlimited. The more vacations you sell and help plan, the more money you’ll bring in.  Your level of earnings also increases as you sell more. Like most things, the harder you work and the more time you put in, the more clients you will have and the more you will earn!

Q: Are there travel discounts?

A: After a specific amount of sales each year, there are travel benefits. #totallyworthit

Q: How do I find clients?

A: Working for me, you may receive some leads, but for the most part you will be responsible for establishing your own client base.

Q: Do I sign a contract?

A: Yes, once hired, you will sign a yearly contract that outlines the position in more detail.  When applying, please be sure to include your travel experience in your cover letter so I have a strong understanding of your travel background.

Q: What is the benefit of becoming a subagent with Jamie Weitl Travel?

A. There are no fees involved in the process and absolutely zero overhead (many agencies charge “joiner” fees).  You sign the contract, complete the training, and you can start selling and earning immediately.  You also have me as your “go-to” expert to answer all of your questions and to provide supplementary training as you learn the ropes as a travel agent.

It is important to note that the commission you receive is already built into bookings. What you are “selling” is your expertise and complimentary planning services when a client books their vacation with you – and it is free to the client!  For example, with a hotel booking, it is the same price if an individual books the hotel on their own or books through an agent, as the hotel includes the commission in the base price already.  It costs the client nothing extra to book through you and then they receive your help and expertise and then the supplier will pay the agency a small commission on the total booking after your client travels.  When I first started, I didn’t really understand this business model, but once you can explain to your clients that they aren’t paying any extra, it becomes a no-brainer to utilize a travel agent and have a travel expert helping them with questions and planning for their trips!

To apply, please submit your cover letter and resume to

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